C.I.C – What And Why

The Health and Well-being Centre is a Community Interest Company dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the residents of Lancashire. The aim of this unique company is to make Complementary Therapies and Health and Well-Being services available for ALL, including anyone who cannot usually access these services whether from availability, accessibility or cost.

The Health and Well-Being Centre also provides workshops and seminars for groups and individuals from the local community, charities and workplaces, providing them with the knowledge and confidence to utilize health and well-being strategies within their family, their colleagues and their extended social networks.

As a Not for Profit organisation, we also hold –

  • Fundraising Events I.e. Pamper Events for companies, charities, voluntary groups and individuals.
  • Provide Workplace Therapies.
  • Onsite Therapy services for Local Companies.
  • Provide low-cost therapy clinics.
  • Support Local Charities and Voluntary Groups to raise joint funds.

All profits from these ventures go into our funds to provide Therapies for those who cannot afford to pay very much.

Complementary and Relaxing Therapies can be difficult for some community members to access and The Health and Well-being Centre intends to improve on this situation. The Company will strive to provide the very best of care for all clients giving them a welcoming environment, time to relax and feel unrushed, a caring nurturing experience and for clients to feel valued. Treatments should not be ‘one size fits all’, time will always be taken to explain the different treatment options, to ascertain the needs of the client and; following discussion between client and therapist, a treatment plan will be agreed upon.
This invaluable and much-needed service will improve the health and well-being of many of our Lancashire residents and will benefit the community as a whole; with better family cohesion, less marginalisation, a more aware and knowledgeable local population and a happier and healthier county.

If you require further information or wish to discuss how we may be of help to you, please get in touch with us